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ANIREY - Democratizing animation

ANIREY gathers 20 artists in Reykjavik March 19-21, for an artists’ workshop on connecting with audiences through technology. 


The hands-on workshop introduces you to Animation, a new and affordable motion capture concept. You’ll try it out for yourself, solving creative tasks and developing projects together with 20 inspiring Nordic artists. 


Read more below and apply to participate before February 20th.  





ANIREY starts with an open seminar day with peer to peer learning, showcasing animation projects and experiences from storytelling, technological and business perspectives.

Among the interesting speakers participating is Paul Debevec, University of Southern California, famous for developing the CGI-technology used in films such as The Matrix-trilogy, Avatar and Interstellar.

Day two and three, participants work with the Animotion concept, solving creative tasks and developing new ideas for the participating projects (You can join with or without a project of your own).



Wednesday 18.03  Arrival and dinner
Thursday 19.03 Open seminar day on the future of animation
Friday 20.03 How does it work? Hands on Animotion workshop with the Rokoko team 
Saturay 21.03 How can you use it? Development workshop for participating projects
Sunday 22.03 Departure



The idea of ANIREY was born from artistic urgency when Documentary filmmakers Vibeke and Hrabba ventured into the world of animation – on a documentary budget. The Animotion concept proved a creative solution to their challenges and opened up a world of new possibilities.

We’ve created ANIREY to share our experience and to inspire and facilitate new meetings across the worlds of art, business and tech.

ANIREY is curated by filmmakers Vibeke Vogel, Bullitfilm (DK) and Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir, Krummafilms (IS), and is produced by Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen, STRANGER (SE).


The Animotion concept

Founded by Danish Film School graduate Jakob Balslev and Tech Entrepreneur Matias Søndergaard, the Danish start-up Rokoko wants to democratize motion capture with the unique and cost-effective Animotion-concept.


It has never before been possible to play around and experiment with animation without a Hollywood-sized production budgets. The process is extremely technical and inflexible: once you’ve spent weeks animating a sequences you don’t just change it, because you get a new idea you want to try out.


With Rokoko’s unique sensor based motion capture suit this will all change. The cost-effective, ‘plug & play’ motion capture suit allows filmmakers to implement human movements directly into an animated universe in real-time.


Now you can work with animated film in the same way you do with live-action – for instance by doing more than one take, different versions of each scene and give the actors room to experiment like never before. You connect your motion capture suit to the computer through WIFI to control animated characters, record and edit animated sequences.  


One of the uses of the Animotion technology by Rokoko is live animation theater where children can interact with animated characters - learn more in this presentation.





You can participate in the workshop with a project or as a part of a developer team connected to the projects, bringing your creative or technical competence to the team (Enter details of your participation in the application form).

Participation is free of charge. All participants pay for their own travel and hotel (4 nights). Special offers will be available.

Deadline for applications is February 20th. Applicants will be notified of the final selection shortly thereafter. We’ll prioritize participants who can be present for the whole workshop.


Come help us build the new frontiers!



The workshop is made possible by the generous support and participation of:


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