Artists from all disciplines are welcome to join the international

Haihatus residency in frosty Central Finland. 1-3 months residencies for
January, February and March in 2014 in Haihatus are now open to apply.
It is also possible to stay longer and
experience the awakening of spring.


Haihatus is a non-profit artist-run art center in Central Finland. The
aim of Haihatus residency is to offer resources for artists of different
art forms to work; to encourage interaction between artists and
different forms of art, and provoke art activity between the Haihatus
community and its neighbourhood.


Finnish winter makes your cheeks red, it is good for your blood
circulation, brains, heart and art! The snow in Joutsa is white and
clean and the possibilities for winter outdoor sports and activities are
excellent. A ski track starts from Haihatus door and with a kick-sled
you can swing fast to a store or a nearby skating rink. A frosty day
evening you can enjoy a hot sauna and while cooling off make snow angels
(naked or almost) under a bright starry sky. There are supermarkets,
small, specialized shops, restaurants, cafes, a good library and a twice
a week cinema in Joutsa.

During the residency there is a possibility to organize happenings to
perform and present your own art or participate a joint exhibition
HAIHATUS ON AIR 2014 in April 2014.


The residency rooms are 17 – 23m2 with one or two beds. Rooms are
furnished and each of them includes a tiny kitchen with dishware. WC’s
and showers are located in the joint rooms. There are 10 to 60 m²
spaces to work or practise. In addition there is space for performing,
exhibitions, dwelling, a sauna etc. There is wireless internet acces in
the whole house. The official haihatuscats, Purhonen and Korhonen are
freely purring all over the house, which might the allergic ones be good
to be aware of.


Accomodation room, studio or practise space and the right to use common
spaces (a bigger kitchen, living room, tv-room, sauna etc.) costs 550
€/month. Two persons coming together and sharing the same room 550€
+ 275€/month. Travel, food and other living costs pays the artists


There is an application form on Haihatus web site
Apply now! Haihatus comittee handles the applications weekly, so you
might have the decision quite soon!


Merja Metsänen

Jousitie 68-70

19650 Joutsa